This is the page where you can leave comments about  A Week in Winter and respond to each others’ thoughts.

3 Responses to AWIW Chat

  1. Marilyn Bertrand says:

    Hello Rodney — A Week In Winter was my introduction to Marcia’s wonderful book and a very favorite. It was the cover that caught my eye and the note on the cover from Booklist “Fans of Rosamunde Pilcher and Maeve Binchy will definitely applaud the introduction of such an enjoyable writer.”

    I was caught by the very first sentence and have been applauding ever since. That was April 2004 when I found Marcia in Barnes & Noble. I purchased this wonderful book, now read many times, together with Summer in the Country a/k/a Forgotten Laughter. Maudie’s home, The Gateway to the Moor took me to a wonderful place with unforgettable characters. I still want to smack Selina and Maudie is my girl.


  2. Michael McCarty says:

    A Week in Winter is my favorite book. I love the audiobook read by June Barrie. I listen to it once a year.


    • Marcia had Melissa in mind for a number of years before she wrote this book and so we had been talking about it a great deal. Over that time I could not see how this book could be other than extremely bleak and sad. I was utterly wrong: it is a book which leaves me with a profound sense of hope, a book where light banishes the dark and where even Rob was able to move forward despite his grief.

      This book was he first of Marcia’s books to be published in the United States which brought her a far wider readership.


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