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This is the page where you can leave comments about Hattie’s Mill and respond to each others’ thoughts.

4 Responses to HM Chat

  1. Marilyn Bertrand says:

    Marcia’s wonderful dogs, especially the Admiral, are as important to her stories as her people. How I would love to live in Hattie’s Mill and am so glad Marcia gives us such a grand place.


  2. I love this story, I have recently re-read it and enjoyed it almost more than the first time. The area around Dartmouth I know quite well, and the story in the creek is reminiscent of so many of the creeks in the area, small, intimate, friendly and very very special. It is lovely to the the photos old and new of The Castle Hotel, and some of the older photos, I love the old cars ! And of course, the Dog ! The part The Admiral plays in the story is special, and I remember so clearly from the first time of reading, Hattie’s large and cosy bed piled with pillows and cushions, it makes you feel relaxed just to read that description. Lovely, thank you Marcia and Rodney for the reminiscent descriptions and photographs.


  3. Nicci says:

    I love this book, you can picture everything so clearly, the lazy lapping of the water the way the light plays on the surface and the smell of the incoming tide a perfect treat to while away the summer hours.-

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    • You can, can’t you? I suppose that’s because Marcia spent nearly a year living on a boat (but not on the River Dart) and then we kept various boats on the Dart for over ten years. No question but these things are written out ofher experience.


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