IS Country

2014 08 23 (28)

Well, here we are again on the southern edge of the moor behind Asburton where the moor and farmland run side by side.

2013 04 28 (2)

We may be on the edge of the moor but the land here is quite fertile and supports some arable. As you can see, the soil is a dark red because hereabouts the granite and red sandstone rocks intermingle.

2014 05 21 (4)

Later, when the crop has begun to grow, the there will be all sorts of patterns created by the tractors that have sprayed the crop.

2014 07 29 (37)

Then comes the day when everything is ready to be harvested. This is barley which be used for animal feed or malting depending on its quality.

2008 1587

However the mainstay of the farming economy hereabouts is stock and here we a fine example of a Devon Red bull . . .

2007 1384

. . . and here a fairly new arrival. Sheep have been important in most parts of England and the well-being of the farmers can be determined by the prices the wool clip . . .

2007 1403

. . . at market. This sheep would probably yield a fleece weighing about 4.5 kg and, at present prices, that fleece would sell somewhere between £6.50 and £7.00.  It is not a huge return when you think of the work involved in looking after a flock and keeping it healthy.


However I think we may be pretty sure that the last thing on Kit’s mind was the local agricultural economy.  She would not have been quite so relaxed if she had known that Jake was staying in the Royal Seven Stars in Totnes: far too close for comfort.

Devon 1785

As it was, Kit popped into Totnes with Mungo and was happily enjoying a cup of coffee at The Brioche blissfully unaware that Jake was watching from the doorway of Salago, next door.


It was market day when you are likely to meet some rather unusual people.


And there are even more scattered about if you look for them.


The town is usually busy but . . .

2014 07 25 (123)

. . . there is always time to pop into a book shop and buy one of Marcia’s books. Luckily rather a lot of people do just that.


Others prefer to explore the town with its old castle and . . .

Totnes: Narrows

. . . the Narrows where  there are a number of art galleries and shops offering articles brought in from the east. Here the general rule is that pedestrians take precedence over vehicles.

2007 1057

And so it was that Jake and Kit found each other again after a very long gap. Jake was playing it cool but could Kit? The two spent a lot of time just mooching around the moor, talking about everything under the sun and finding that neither had really changed very much. Was this because after Marcia and I met, we spent many hours doing much the same up on the moor but in my soft top MGB? In our case, of course, we were starting at the beginning: we knew nothing about each other and had an awful lot of catching up to do. And there was one thing we had in common: the need to be careful when driving near foals.

2013 1628

Meanwhile Mungo was busy stealing the mobile from a very tough looking young man who, or so Mungo thought, was making life difficult for the young wife who was living in one of Archie’s cottages. He was, as it turned out, right but even so . . . This is Haytor, one of the iconic tors on Dartmoor.

2014 08 23 (9)

Anyway the phone and its SIM card had to be lost. Jake was ‘volunteered’ for this job and immediately removed the card from the phone. In the end, they was thrown separately into Venford Reservoir. It was very low but even so in the middle it is still very deep.

2013 2261

To finish this section I have chosen another photograph of Haytor.