TB Chat

This is the page where you can leave comments about The Birdcage and respond to each others’ thoughts.

1 Response to TB Chat

  1. This is my favourite of all Marci’a books, I think it is so romantic and paints a picture of lives so real, with all the trials and tribulations, that are real and visit everyone’s lives somewhere along the way! The older I get, the more I understand how many “things” happen to each and every one of us, at some time or another, and sometimes just reading a story that is appreciative and accepting of these issues, makes you feel calmer about your life and those of others close to you. I love the inclusion of dogs in all (well, most) of the stories, this is an important part of life for me, and I like to think that others feel this too. The descriptions of wild weather on the moors, open log fires, puppies, it all paints such a magical picture of relaxation and happiness. Well done Rodney for creating these pages to share the pictures and locations, it makes it seem much more real, Joanna Lockwood


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