TD Chat

This is the page where you can leave comments about The Dipper and respond to each others’ thoughts.

3 Responses to TD Chat

  1. Marilyn Bertrand says:

    Agree with Carol. Marcia’s wonderful countryside descriptions take us to beautiful places indeed. Like Claudia, I discovered my first husband lead another life. This book is such a wonderful tribute to your friends.


  2. Carol Matthews says:

    This is the first book Of Marcia’s that I read, I loved the description of the country side, I felt I was right there, watching the dear little bird in the river, I also loved the characters, engaged with them so much I couldn’t stop reading the book! A real delight, as has every book by Marcia that I have read since


    • That dear little bird – and they truly are lovely – has given me many hours of frustration simply because I have never managed to take a really good photo of him. What makes it even more bitter-making is that we lived for a number of years in a house where our garden backed onto the River Avon. A pair of dippers nested opposite us and they were so used to us that we could sit on the river bank only a few yards from the nest and they would carry on as if we were not tere. I could have taken a score of photos but Marcia had only just started writing (we moved when she finished Thea’s Parrot) and long befo we gave any thought to keeping a photographic record with a view to a possible companion so I didn’t..


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