IS Chat

This is the page where you can leave comments about Indian Summer and respond to each others’ thoughts.

5 Responses to IS Chat

  1. Jeanne Giles says:

    My re-read of this book a year after publication was really fantastic. I had a greater sense of what it took for these lovely characters to find each other again. And, I enjoyed the background of all the other interesting people and their own scenarios. Made for great interplay and kept the plot more dynamic….


  2. Marilyn Bertrand says:

    Does Kit Chadwick finally grow up ? Yes, Rodney hope springs eternal. Marcia gift of giving us yet another wonderful house and setting which we can paint in our minds, linger in and often revisit. Memories and secrets to paraphrase Mungo … we’ve all been there.


  3. Denise Connolly says:

    Started reading this book yesterday and so nice to see Kit (one of my FAV characters) again. Hoping things work out with “Jake the Rake” this time 🙂


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